How to create a task

The Task Manager allows teachers to direct students to specific parts of their Online resource, keeping them on track and focused.

Watch the following How To video to find out how to create a new task:

Please note that this video may demonstrate a different resource than the one you are using, but the steps will be the same.

Create a new task:

  1. From the Dashboard select the Tasks icon 
  2. Click New Task and give your task a Name
  3. Tailor the task based on your current Chapter and Section. Then select which activities you would like your students to complete.
  4. Add an optional Extra Message 
  5. Choose a class or individual student(s) to complete the task 
    • To set a task for individual students, uncheck the All students box beneath the class name
    • Choose individual students by holding down CTRL (on a PC) or Command (on a Mac) as you select students.
  6. Click Save and the task will be assigned to your students.
  7. When your students logon they will be notified of a task to complete.
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