How to create your school classes

You can create your own classes or your whole school's classes. To see what classes have already been created, go to the School Classes icon.


Go to the All Classes tab.

Classes will be displayed in the right-hand panel and accounts on the left-hand panel.

If you need to create classes, watch this How To Video or follow the instructions below.  



You need administrator access for this function. Most teachers will have administrator access. Go to Do I have administrator access to find out more.


  1. Click on the School Classes icon.
  2. At the top of the classes panel on the right, select the Options drop-down box and choose Create a class.
  3. Give your class a name, enter the current year, choose a year level and select Add
  4. If you have no more classes to create, select Close.
  5. The new class will appear in the Classes panel with a class key in blue brackets. Distribute this class key to your students so they can join the class. 

Watch our videos on How students join a class and How to join / link to a class, or How to add students and teachers to a class