How to assign a test

Watch the following How To video for instructions on how to assign a test:

Please note that this video may demonstrate a different resource to the one you are using but the steps are the same.


  1. From the Dashboard click on the Tests icon. This will take you directly to the Test library.  
  2. Check the box to the left of the test you would like to assign, then from the bottom of your screen click Assign
  3. Set the expiry time, assign the test for either assessment or revision, enter a message for the students and select the class you would like to assign the test to.  
  4. You are able to send the test to a whole class, multiple classes or to individual students in the class. To send to specific students, select their class then uncheck the All students box and choose the specific students. Hold down Control on a PC or Command on a Mac to select multiple students. 
  5. Click Submit to assign the test.
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