How to read a test report

Watch the following How To video to find out how to view test results:

  1. Select the Tests icon from the left hand margin, then click on the Assigned tests tab.
  2. Find the test you wish to see results for using the Search function at the top of the screen. 
  3. Once you have found the relevant test, you can: 
    • click Student results to see an overview of how each student went. Green bars indicate correct answers and red bars indicate incorrect answers. Grey bars represent questions not attempted. If you then click on the students name, you will see which questions he/she got right or wrong
    • review how your class did on each question by clicking on Question results. This will give you the percentage of students who got each question correct or incorrect and the most common incorrect answer
    • archive the test by clicking Archive next to the test name. This test can be found by clicking the Include archived checkbox when searching for tests.
  4. Go to the Students results tab to view all the tests for an individual student. Search by student name and/or date range and test name.