How to create a class exercise report

This report will show you the whole class’ submitted answers and workings from the exercises.

Watch this How To video for instructions on how to create a class exercise report:


Please note that this video may demonstrate a different resource to the one you are using but the steps are the same.

Go to the Reports icon from the dashboard. Use the toggle to select Class exercise report and the class you want to report on. You may also select the exercise level.

Then select the Text group (the series) the Text (name of textbook), the chapter and the section you want to report on. Click Generate.

You can create a PDF of this report with the PDF button.

You can also drill down to an individual student’s exercise work by clicking on the student name. Teacher comments can be added to each exercise question for an individual student. These will be sent to the student and appear in their Teacher Feedback area.

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