Interactive Textbook user guidelines

The Interactive Textbook is an online version of the student text optimised to be read on screen through an internet browser.  It delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience of the student text.

The Interactive Textbook is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome or Safari. The Interactive Textbook is included with the printed text, or is available for purchase separately as a digital-only option.

A unique 16-character access code is found in the front of the printed textbook. If purchased as a digital-only option, the code is provided in a sealed pocket or via email from your bookseller, or sent via email if purchased online.

Instructions on how to activate a digital resource are available here.

Subscription Terms: This resource is available as a one-year calendar year subscription unless otherwise stated.* 

* A calendar-year subscription is defined as follows: if activation occurs between January and July of this year, subscription concludes on the 31 December this year. If activation occurs between August and December of this year, subscription concludes on 31 December the following year.

Permitted uses: Schools are entitled to project this content onto classroom whiteboards only if the interactive textbook or online resource has been purchased for the number of students using it in the classroom. It is expressly not available for use in this way if it has been purchased as a reference copy rather than a class set or booklisted item.

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