Offline / PDF textbook user guidelines

Access to the Offline / PDF Textbook is included with the purchase of the printed student text and the Interactive Textbook. It is downloaded from Cambridge GO using the unique 16-character code found in the front of the printed textbook. The code will be provided in a sealed pocket or via email from your bookseller, or sent via email if purchased online.

You are entitled to download and store these PDFs. However they may not be transferred to another party, including other students, as electronic or print versions.

To use the enhanced PDF functions, such as note taking, you must download these PDFs to your computer and open them with Adobe Reader 9 or later.

The PDF Textbook is designed for full functionality using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The markup function is available in selected PDF readers for the iPad and other devices using iOS. Check your PDF reader specifications. At the time of publication, Adobe Reader, Good Reader and PDF Expert were viable options. Note that some PDF file names may comprise the ISBN and chapter number.

Subscription Terms: Access is provided to the PDF Textbook and Cambridge GO ancillary material through Cambridge GO for 500 days from the date of activation.

Permitted uses: You are entitled to download and store PDF Textbooks on your local machine. However, they may not be transferred to another party as an electronic or print version. The downloaded PDF Textbook is expressly available for personal use only.  Schools are entitled to load the downloaded PDFs onto their school network for use only for the same number of users as they have purchased printed or digital texts.

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