How to move students or teachers to another class

Teachers with administrator access can move students and teachers from one class to another class.

Watch this quick How To video or follow the instructions below for how to move students/teachers to a different class:

Most teachers will have administrator access. Go to Do I have administrator access to find out more.

  1. Select the School classes icon from the left hand margin.
  2. In the classes panel on the right, toggle the arrow next to the class name to show all members of a class.
  3. Select the teacher or student(s) you need to move and a green plus symbol will appear against all classes. Multi-select students by holding down control (PC) or Option (Mac).
  4. Click on the plus symbol next to the class you want to move the student or teacher to. 
  5. Selected teachers or students can also be removed from the class or school in this way using the remove from buttons in the right margin.

Please note that if the digital resource in the new class is not the same as the one used in the class they have come from, the student will need to be given access. Contact us at to arrange this.