How students activate their interactive resources

For resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin:

Use our quick, step-by-step Getting Started Interactive Video to activate your resources, or follow the instructions below.

    1. Create a Cambridge GO student account
      If you don’t have a Cambridge GO student account, you can create one for free at using your school email address.

    2. Activate your product
      If you have purchased or your school has supplied a 16-character activation code, you will need to log in to your Cambridge GO student account at and click on the Add new resource button. Enter the 16-character activation code and click Add to my resource. Your new powered by Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin resource will now appear in your My Resources page. If you don’t have a 16-character activation code and your new resource is not already in your My Resources page, you will need to speak to your teacher.

    3. Launch your product
      From your My Resources page click on the Interactive Textbook tile. 

    4. Link to your class
      Once you have launched your online resource, you will need to link to your class with the unique class key that your teacher will supply. Go to the Class key icon from the dashboard. Enter the unique class key and click submit.

For interactive resources that are not on the Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin platform, you can follow the instructions in Activating a digital resource.

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