Set up your school to use our Edjin/HOTmaths platform

If you are not sure if you are using a digital resource powered by Cambridge Edjin/HOTmaths, see a list of products here.


  1. Contact your Cambridge representative
    Contact your Cambridge Education Resource Consultant (ERC) to let them know that your school has purchased or booklisted one or more powered by Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin resources.
  2. Set up your school with administrator and teacher accounts
    Your ERC will send you a spreadsheet to fill in with the names and school email addresses of all the teachers requiring access to your resource for each course. Email the completed spreadsheet back to your ERC as soon as possible.
    Your school account will be set up and Cambridge GO teacher accounts may be created for your teachers. If your teachers already have a Cambridge GO teacher account, they will be able to use their account and password to access the new resources.
    All teachers at your school may have been set up with administrator access which allows any teacher to create and manage classes. If you have administrator access, you will be able to see the School Classes icon on the dashboard.
  3. Launch your Online Teaching Suite
    Click here for instructions on how to launch your Online Teaching Suite.

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