Complimentary access: Cambridge HOTmaths (standalone)

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In response to recent disruptions to schools, we would like to offer full complimentary digital access to Cambridge HOTmaths to primary schools currently not using this resource.

Temporary digital access to these resources will be available until the disruption to school learning ends.


Getting started on Cambridge HOTmaths

To ensure that all your accounts are set up and that you are using Cambridge HOTmaths as soon as possible, follow these instructions: 

1. Fill out the student and teacher registration forms

Click on the following links to download the forms. Please fill out all fields as necessary.

Student Registration form

Teacher Registration form

2. Return your forms to us

Email your forms through to or send them through to your usual Cambridge rep.


What happens next?

We will create all of your teacher and student accounts and provide you with a list of usernames and passwords for each class. All teachers and students will have access to Cambridge HOTmaths as soon as you receive the login details from us. 


Users of Cambridge digital resources have access to a range of support articles to enable remote learning to continue in case of extended school closures.

Use the keyword search function or browse the support articles to find out how to get the most out of your digital resources. Step-by-step getting started instructions are available if you have not used your digital resources before.

Please note that this offer relates to our standalone Cambridge HOTmaths resources and not our integrated textbooks on the Cambridge HOTmaths platform.