COVID-19 advice for teachers



How can my digital resource help me teach remotely? 

Workspace are now available for students and teachers in selected Maths and Science resources. If you are teaching remotely, you can also use the workspaces in your Online Teaching Suite to demonstrate how to answer a question using screen capture software.

The Task Manager in resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin enables teachers to set a series of activities for students to complete and can direct them on a path appropriate to their results. Find out more here

Videos embedded in Interactive Textbooks demonstrate worked examples or develop robust understanding of concepts, supporting independent learning. 

Direct Links allow teachers to send students to the specific content you want them to address. Find out how to use this option here

Scorcher competitions are a great way to keep your students interacting and engaged with their learning. Available in selected resources - find out more here


School Assessed Coursework 

Many of our resources have SAC material that is accessible only by teachers and can be used to meet assessment requirements for senior students. Talk to your Education Resource Consultant to find out more. 


Support for resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin

Users of digital resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin can also access a wide range of support articles and How-To videos for using the powerful Learning Management System to keep their students on track. Use the search function or browse articles such as:


What are my copyright obligations?

We are passing along the advice of the Copyright Agency who have published some useful information about the permitted uses of content under the statutory education licence for online teaching.

The official schools copyright website Smartcopying has also published specific advice for teachers during COVID-19.  Schools with any copyright questions can contact the education copyright sector here.

For further information, please see our copyright article.