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Digital options for all textbooks:

All Cambridge print textbooks include access to a digital option. If you have not previously used a Cambridge digital resource, click here for instructions on getting started.  

We also have guides for:


How can my digital resource support independent learning? 

Videos embedded in the Interactive Textbook demonstrate key concepts or enhance understanding allowing students to work independently at home.  

Bookmarking and note taking are available on all Interactive Textbooks. For resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin see these instructions for Bookmarking and Note taking. For all other Interactive Textbooks access these instructions

Workspaces in selected resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin allow students to answer questions online. Students can type, draw or upload their responses and submit to the teacher. Teachers may also give students access to worked solutions or suggested responses so that students can self-assess their work. Find out how to use the Workspaces here

Scorcher competitions in selected resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths and Edjin are a great way for students to engage with their learning. Compete against other students in the class, school or across the state in a timed, multiple-choice quiz. Find out more here.