VCE Senior Mathematics

The following advice provides guidance to teachers using Cambridge VCE resources for the revised mathematics study designs that have been put in place for 2020. It advises which sections of the textbooks can or should be left out when teaching each subject for the remainder of the year.

Important: Please refer to the VCAA website for the full and official details regarding the changes to the study designs.

Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4

Limited adjustment is needed to how the books are currently used. Only one of the four possible modules should be chosen for Unit 4. 

Unit 3

  • Data Analysis comprises two thirds of the course covered in Unit 3.
  • Recursion and financial modelling is one third of the course covered in Unit 3.

Unit 4

  • Only one module of the possible four modules and its corresponding modelling or problem-solving task will be assessed.
  • The selected module will comprise the entire course covered in Unit 4.

Mathematics Methods Units 3 and 4

Description of changes

  • Discrete and continuous random variables as well as statistical inference for sample proportions has been omitted (see page 74 of adjusted study design).
  • Only Binomial and Normal distributions will be assessed.
  • Students will not be assessed on the calculation of the mean, median, standard deviation and variance of the Normal Distribution only on their interpretation. (see page 74 of adjusted study design)

 How it relates to the textbook:

  • Omit Chapter 17
  • Omit sections 13C – 13D, but you may wish to introduce students to expected value, standard deviation and variance in general for discrete distributions. These are only required in the context of the Binomial Distributions.
  • Chapter 15 can also be omitted but you may wish to discuss the general concepts of continuous distributions before starting the normal distribution.

Specialist Mathematics Units 3 and 4

Description of changes

  • Probability and Statistics has been omitted (see page 84 of adjusted study design), including the associated modelling task.

How it relates to the textbook:

  • Omit Chapters 15,16 and 17 


For any questions regarding the impact of the revised 2020 study designs on using Cambridge’s VCE resources, please get in touch with your Education Resource Consultant in the first instance.